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Through hands-on experiences we will bring the joy of science to young minds and instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime.​​​​​​

After School Science Registration: Student Information Form

Below you’ll find our policies for after school classes. Email Jennifer Price at or call 248-444-9495 with questions or assistance.

It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to ensure that students arrive at and are promptly picked up from after school science classes. All personal absences are forfeited. Excel Enrichment II LLC, Nuts About Science, their agents, contractors or administrators will not assume any liability. By participating in this program in any way whatsoever you hereby release and hold harmless expressly and forever Excel Enrichment II LLC and Nuts About Science, their instructors, employees, and volunteers from any and all liability, for any claim, demand, injury, expense, damage, action or cause of action arising out of or connected with the services or facilities of these entities, including those arising from acts of active or passive negligence. All tuition is non-refundable.

Attendance/Registration Confirmation: Parents who register their child/children online will receive an email confirmation. If you have not received email confirmation at least 3 days before a new session begins, email the after school science coordinator at your school or Jennifer Price at *If a parent has not received email confirmation for their child’s registration their child will not be allowed to attend.

Behavior Issues: In the event of unacceptable behavior we will communicate either verbally or by email of any behavior issues, if the issue persists a Behavior Letter will be sent home with a student or their parents will be emailed. The Behavior Letter must be signed and returned to the instructor at the next class. If the unacceptable behavior continues a Behavior Agreement will be sent home requiring a parent to accompany their child to future science classes. If a parent or guardian is not able to accompany their child a partial refund may be given and the child will not be allowed to attend.

Parent Volunteers: Please be at your school 15 minutes prior to the class start time. For the safety of all children do not bring older or younger siblings with you.​​

Absences: Please notify us if your child will be absent. Materials from a missed class will be given to a student when they return. No refunds will be given.

Snack: Please provide your child with a healthy snack to enjoy at the beginning of the class. The snack must be NUT FREE at Thornton Creek Elementary. No snacks are allowed at Winchester Elementary.

School/Class Cancellation: In the event of school or class cancellation, the class will be rescheduled for the week after the end of a session. If the class can not be rescheduled a full or partial refund will be issued (less a non-refundable 3% PayPal transaction fee).

After Class: When a student is registered parents must designate where their child is going after class, either Walk Home, Walk to Car, Parent Pick-up or Child Care (SACC or Kids Club).

Walk Home: Students are allowed to walk home on their own. If a parent would like their child to walk to their car they must check the box for walk home.
Walk to Car: Students are allowed to walk to their parents car after class, once a student leaves the front door Nuts About Science instructors are not responsible for their care.
Parent Pick Up: Pick up your child at the FRONT DOOR , please do not wait by the classroom. A NUTS ABOUT SCIENCE instructor will walk students to the front door at pick up time.
Child Care: Students will be walked to their after-school child care after all Parent Pick-Up and Walking students have been picked up.
Early Pick-up: Please notify us if early pick up is required.
Late Fee: There is a $10 cash late fee if students are picked up more than 15 minutes after a class has ended.
Refunds: Requested refunds are issued before the first class less a 3% non-refundable PayPal fee. If a refund is requested after the session has begun- we will evaluate them on a case by case situation and a partial refund may be issued.

Email us at or Call 248-444-9495 if you need assistance.