Would you like to add more hands-on Science to your current curriculum? Our grade specific science adventures can help you do just that. Nuts About Science In-School Science Adventures are aligned with Michigan Next Generation Science Standards, STEM focused and will spark a love of science in your students!

How it works…We bring all the supplies for a science lab to your school! Our Nuts About Science instructors will engage your students in a 60-minute lesson that is aligned with the MI Next Generation Science Standards to either introduce a new unit in your classroom or reinforce a unit you’re currently teaching.

  • Our unique program incorporates visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic learning styles to completely engage every student.
  • Our Science instructors are professionally trained educators with a background in teaching.
  • Each child will perform one experiment they will take home to continue their science adventure.
  • We incorporate information and resources about our great state of Michigan in many of our programs.


  • The fee for one classroom (20-25 students) to have a 60 minute In-School Science Adventure is $8.50 per student, which includes all materials.
  • When you reserve two classrooms in one visit the price per child is $8.00, reserve three or more classrooms and the price per child is $7.50 (60 student minimum for three classrooms).
  • Mileage fees may apply if your location is over 10 miles from our Livonia or Ann Arbor offices.

Steps to have a Nuts About Science In-School Science Adventure

  1. Contact Us: Email Andrew Price at to get more information about In-School Science Adventure lesson topics and available dates.
  2. Determine Funding: Determine funding for your event. Most are funded by either Parent Organizations (PTA, PTO) or school districts.
  3. Flyer (if needed): We will provide the flyer unless you prefer to create your own. Send home a flyer to parents describing the In-School Science Adventure and request for payment if needed.
  4. Deposit: There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a date. The deposit is deducted from the total payment.

The Day of your Science Adventure…

  • Room Set-up: Please have students in groups of four unless we request otherwise. We need a table and a projection screen set up at the front of the room and access to a sink. We supply our own projectors. We will notify you if the lesson requires protection of student’s clothing.
  • Arrival: We will arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled start time to set up materials.
  • Payment: Payment to Nuts About Science can be made by check or credit card the day of the event, an invoice will be provided. The deposit will be deducted from the total amount due at this time.
Email to request more information and we will respond within 48 hours.