Our After-School Science Enrichment program begins the end of September and goes throughout the school year with four unique sessions. Each session is six or seven weeks in duration with a different lesson theme each week. Classes meet immediately after school at your location, are 1-hour induration with a 15-minute snack break at the beginning of class.

Session Two: Freaky Fun Physics

  • Registration opens October 28th at 8am and closes November 12th at 11pm.
  • Classes begin the week of November 18th and end the week of January 20th. In the event of a cancelled class a make-up class will be held the week of January 27th.

Weekly Lesson Topics:

Awesome Explosions! We will perform some awesome explosions in this class. You will make a cork pop out of a test tube, take the Mentos diet-cola challenge, and much more!

May the force be with you! We begin this class with the amazing Egg Drop! Then, students learn about forces, gravity, motion, speed and inertia by playing with a Reaction Rocket and a Newton’s Yoyo.

All About Air: Students will learn the fundamental properties of Air: it occupies space, has weight, and exerts pressure by watching the Egg-in-a-Bottle trick. Saving the best for last, students will build and race an air powered car. Ready, set, blow!

The Pluses and Minuses of Batteries: What are batteries? Students will investigate how batteries are made, why there is a positive and negative end of a battery and how they power our gadgets. We’ll make a battery with a potato, pennies and nails that will power an LED light!!

Magnet Mania: Join us as we discover how magnets really work. First, we’ll test different items to see which ones are attracted to magnets. Then, we take the paperclip challenge. Saving the best for last, we’ll make a homo-polar motor. You’ll really be attracted to this one!

The Sounds of Science: What really is sound? We will discover how sound is created, what pitch is, and how to create resonance in this class. We will create a talking cup, a screaming balloon and play with many different sound toys including a kazoo, while we learn all about sound. Science is fun!!

Making Waves with Light and Sound: We explore light and sound waves and how they help communicate messages by creating a musical instrument and an LED Light talkers!!