Our After-School Science Enrichment program begins the end of September and goes throughout the school year with four unique sessions. Each session is six or seven weeks in duration. Classes meet immediately after school at your location, are 1-hour induration with a 15-minute snack break at the beginning of class.

Session Four: Earth Works

  • Registration opens March 11th and closes March 25th
  • Classes begin the week of April 8th and end the week of May 24th (No classes during Spring Break; Make-up classes are the week of May 28 and June 3rd)
  • Classes: Crystal Science, Water Science, Magnet Mania, Fascinating Fossils, Going Green, Plants V. Animals, Volcano Fun

Class Descriptions ↓

Crystal Science: Why are crystal so mysterious and beautiful? Students discover the answer to this question by creating beautiful and colorful salt crystal trees, examining water jelly crystals, and identify a real rock crystal.

Going Green: Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!! Students learn everything they need to know about Earth Day and then use their knowledge to play Earth Day Jeopardy (prizes are given to all students)!! We also make a mini version of a wind turbine. We love the Earth!!]

Water Science: Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! We will explore the properties of water and examine the water cycle as we identify how much drinking water there is on the Earth, then we’ll experiment with water conservation, and to top it off we’ll make an ocean in a bottle.

Dino’s and Fossils: What’s a paleontologist? What’s a fossil? Help us dig for dinosaurs and fossils! Students will hatch a dinosaur egg, dig for fossils and read a story about digging up dinosaurs! Learn and discuss these huge animals that roamed the earth with some hands-on fun!

Magnet Mania: Join us as we discover how magnets really work. First, we’ll test different items to see which ones are attracted to magnets. Then, we’ll test different magnets to see which is stronger. Saving the best for last, we’ll make a homo-polar motor. You’ll really be attracted to this one!

Volcano Fun: Join us as we learn all about volcanos from the inside out. Then you will get to build a volcano model that you can take home. Volcanoes are cool and it’s even cooler to watch them erupt, WATCH OUT!

Plants V. Animals: How are plants and animals different? Students will discover the survival needs of plants and animals and learn the differences in their life cycles. We will design and color a key chain model of a plant on special Shrinkle paper. It shrinks after you pop it in the oven! Then we’ll make seed balls and a Worm Home with real live worms!