Our After-School Science Enrichment program begins the end of September and goes throughout the school year with four unique sessions. Each session is six or seven weeks in duration. Classes meet immediately after school at your location, are 1-hour induration with a 15-minute snack break at the beginning of class.

Session Two: The Wonders of Science

  • Classes begin the week of November 26th and end the week of January 25th (Make-up classes are the week of January 28th if school is cancelled during the session)
  • Classes: Science Magic, Science Pets, All About Air, Forces & Motion, Wild Weather & Pink Snow, CSI for Kids, Rocket Power

Session Three: Crazy Chemistry

  • Registration opens January 14th and closes January 29th
  • Classes begin the week of February 4th and end the week of March 22nd (Make-up classes are the week of March 25th)
  • Classes: Slippery Slimy Science, Bubble Fizz POP!, Crazy Chemistry, Polymers Please, Colorful Chemistry, Test Tube Adventures, Yummy Science

Session Four: Earth Works

  • Registration opens March 11th and closes March 25th
  • Classes begin the week of April 8th and end the week of May 24th (No classes during Spring Break; Make-up classes are the week of May 28 and June 3rd)
  • Classes: Water Science, Magnet Mania, Volcano Fun, Fascinating Fossils, Crystal Science, Going Green, Plants V. Animals