Session One: Science Explorers II 

➢   Registration closes September 17th. Classes begin the week of September 24th and end the week of November 5th (Make-up classes are the week of November 12th)
  1. Back to School Science: Students will perform some of our favorite experiments in this fun filled class that will celebrate going Back to School!! Science is FUN!
  2. Do Ladybugs Eat Pizza? What’s your favorite food? Students learn about food chains, food webs, habitats and ecosystems while playing the food web game and making a Ladybug habitat. Students take home their Ladybug habitat to observe and release into the wild!
  3. Halloween Science: Join us for this spooky science activity. First, we’ll learn about dry ice and how to make boo bubbles. Then we’ll make vampire slime, atomic eyeballs and create light designs with an Ultra-violet light keychain and Glow paper. Together we will explore how matter changes physically and chemically as we create a cool spooky science lab. Ooohh scary!!
  4. Measuring the Weather: In this Weather focused class students create measurement tools to take home and measure the amount of precipitation and wind in their back yard. We discuss why it’s important to forecast, measure and record weather conditions. (We need empty 2-liter bottles for this week!!)
  5. The Sunny Side of Earth: Why can’t we see stars during the day? Where is the moon during the day? Students will explore these questions as we create a model of the Sun, Earth, Moon orbit. Then we discuss Stars and Constellations and create a glow-in-the-dark model of the Little Dipper. (K-1st grade student make Sun paper.)
  6. Making Waves with Light and Sound: We explore light and sound waves and how they help communicate messages first by seeing sound, then making a musical instrument, and lastly an LED Light communication device!!
  7. We Love Mother Earth! If you love being outdoors, then you’ll love to learn how to protect Mother Earth. Students discover what happens to garbage, recycling and pollution. Then we make an amazing toy out of recycled materials!! Students also color a Shrinkle to take home and bake!