Our After-School Science Enrichment program begins the end of September and goes throughout the school year with four unique sessions. Each session is six or seven weeks in duration. Classes meet immediately after school at your location, are 1-hour induration with a 15-minute snack break at the beginning of class.

Session Three: Crazy Chemistry

  • Registration opens January 14th and closes January 29th
  • Classes begin the week of February 4th and end the week of March 22nd (Make-up classes are the week of March 25th)
  • Classes: Crazy Chemistry, Bubble Fizz POP!, Test Tube Adventures, Polymers Please, Colorful Chemistry, Slippery Slimy Science, Yummy Science

Class Descriptions

Crazy Chemistry:
Who doesn’t love mixing stuff together to see what happens? In this class we will use ordinary kitchen items to make Oobleck, create Elephant’s Toothpaste and make liquids change color right before our very eyes!

Bubble, Fizz, POP!!: We’ll learn about the amazing ways scientist are using CO2 (carbon dioxide) to help keep the environment clean. Then, we will perform our own discoveries with CO2. We’ll begin by making spaghetti dance, then we’ll blowing up a balloon without using a breath and lastly, we’ll make a cork pop out of a test tube!! You don’t want to miss this one!!

Test Tube Adventures: If you love making potions and testing new objects then you’ll love this class. We will make a static electricity/density tube, a test tube volcano, and a bubbling blob/lava tube with the “world’s greatest test tube”. We will learn about changes in density, creating electricity and the states of matter all while having FUN!!

Polymers Please: Polymers are really cool! We’ll learn all about them as we experiment with three different kinds. First, we make our own bouncy ball, then we’ll watch clear spheres grow from the size of tiny pebbles to the size of marbles. To top it all off we’ll play with amazing kinetic sand. You won’t be able to keep your hands out of it!

Colorful Chemistry: In this colorful class, you will learn about science and color as we perform some amazing experiments. We’ll figure out the answer to the question “Is black ink really black?” and create your very own beautifully designed Sharpie Pen t-shirt.

Yummy Science: Students make a three-course meal in this yummy science class! We’ll make fizzy concoctions to drink, our own butter to enjoy with crackers, and for dessert we’ll make polymer pudding. Bon appetit! (Notify us of any food allergies.)

Slippery, Slimy Science: Join us for this hands-on slippery, slimy science class. We will explore how matter changes physically and chemically as we create Slime and homemade Silly Putty. Get ready this is a messy one!

Session Four: Earth Works

  • Registration opens March 11th and closes March 25th
  • Classes begin the week of April 8th and end the week of May 24th (No classes during Spring Break; Make-up classes are the week of May 28 and June 3rd)
  • Classes: Water Science, Magnet Mania, Volcano Fun, Fascinating Fossils, Crystal Science, Going Green, Plants V. Animals