Are you looking for more Hands-On science experiments? We can help! We have Science Kits that are delivered to your door!

    • Our kits are filled with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and aligned with Michigan Science Standards so your children will stay engaged and on track while having FUN!
    • Each kit includes step by step instructions, links to videos, and email support.
    • Protecting the environment is important to us so we use many biodegradable products in our kits to help reduce waste. 

NEW! Halloween Science Kit: Kids love this spooky science kit! Create a Halloween Science lab in your home! Make a ghost dance, a screaming balloon, play with atomic eyeballs and growing spikes, write on glow paper with Ultra-violet light, and investigate light with a Test Tube with Glow-in-the-dark powder. Ooohh scary!  $24.99 (Price includes Shipping and tax)

Dino’s & Fossils Kit!: Go back in time and discover what was alive over 10,000 years ago with this kit. Included are nine real fossils, identification guide and activity with pictures, a dinosaur egg and skeleton you will identify, a list of book recommendations,  and a fossil imprint dough recipe to make your own fossils! Kit includes: Set of nine fossils, Fossil Sorting Guide, Fossil Info Sheet, Magnifying Glass, plastic Dinosaur skeleton & Dinosaur egg,  fossil imprint dough recipe (Dinosaur Skeleton & Egg may differ from picture). $15.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping and tax).

Volcano Fun Kit: Create your own volcano you can erupt over and over with our easy to assemble kit that includes all materials, directions and instructional video. Kit includes bag of Celluclay, water bottle, plastic plate, baking soda, instructions and link to the assembly video and Volcano informational video. $17.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping and tax).

Science Magic Kit: There’s a scientific explanation for many magic tricks! The endless fun in this kit includes materials to make water disappear with water gel powder, create hidden messages on goldenrod paper and a cup of Magic Sand. Kit includes 1/2 oz of Water Gel Powder, 4 oz. cup of Magic Sand, 2 pieces of goldenrod paper, 2 white candles, 2 cotton balls and instructions including three extra Science Magic activities. $17.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping and tax).

Wacky Weather Kit: Weather can be wacky and wild! This kit includes directions and information to make pink insta-snow, a tornado in a bottle and a static electricity balloon. Kit includes 2 one-liter bottles, bottle connector, Insta-snow powder, Nuts About Science balloon, instructions and link to video. $18.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping and tax).

Polymers Please Kit: What is a polymer? Order this kit to find out! Polymers are fun to play with! This kit includes amazing water absorbing Orbies, non-stop motion with Kinetic sand, and a growing gator that grows and grows and grows! $18.99  (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping and tax).

Light, Color ACTION!: Light, color action! Learn about light and color with these amazing activities. This kit includes materials to make a color changing bead keychain and bracelet, prism glasses, a test tube rainbow and more! $18.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping & tax).

What’s up with Air? Learn the properties of air and engineering while having fun! This kit includes materials to build an air powered balloon car that students will play with for hours and an 8-foot-long windbag you can blow up with ONE BREATH! We also include extra activities you can do with items at home. $14.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping & tax).

Sound of Science Kit: What is sound? This kit introduces students to sound, vibration and frequency as they create a chicken cup, a screaming balloon and play with a Nuts About Science Kazoo! $14.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping & tax).

Magnet Mania: You’ll really be attracted to this kit! We supply the magnets, then your children collect household items to test their magnetic properties. Make a magnetic spinning top and discover what a magnetic field is with an Iron Filing Case. (Kit includes 4 marble magnets, 1 ceramic magnet, 1 neodymium pushpin magnet, 1 iron filing case magnetic information and six activities). $16.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping & tax)

Homopolar Motor Kit (Grades 2-6): Introduce your children to one of the simplest devices, the homo-polar or “one pole” electric motor. Kit includes instructions to make a color wheel motor and an LED Light motor. $10.99 (Price includes USPS 1st class shipping & tax).

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