So much summer fun!!

This month we challenge students to stump the teachers!! Bring in an item from home and we’ll use our extensive science knowledge to decide WILL IT FLOAT!! Students that stump the teachers with their item from home get a cool science prize!! Then students make a pirate ship made from recycled materials and then go outside (weather permitting) to test its sailing ability (and play with bubbles). We’ll connect the concepts of buoyancy and density by making a colorful layered density test tube! And just for fun we’ll make String Slime!!

Location: Livonia Civic Center Library, Meeting Room C;  32777 Five Mile Road, Livonia

Date: July 18th

Time: 9:30-11:30 am

Ages: 6 – 11 (students going into 1st-6th grade)

Cost: $29 per student, $55 for 2 siblings

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Single Student

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